Receiving several sms in one order

The order of receiving several sms in one order:

  1) Check balance and user's karma using the get_userinfo method
  2) Check the  numbers availability for the service using get_count_new method
  3) Get the number using get_number method
  4) Check the possibility of getting multiple sms using the get_clearsms method
  5) Check for sms using the get_sms method with specification that you need more sms sms=sms.
If the answer
response = 1 - sms received.
response = 2 - sms has not yet been received.
response = 3 - the order timeout expired.
  6) After receiving SMS, to receive the next SMS go to step 4.

P.S: Repeated SMS is also paid. To receive it there must be a necessary amount on the balance.

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